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Taurus Healthcare Ltd. was established in 2012 as the provider arm of the GP Federation serving 185,000 patients in Herefordshire. Founded and owned by the partners of the entire Herefordshire Primary Care community, we are focussed on providing excellent out of hospital services, for patients.
Our ethos is to provide high quality and cost effective health outcomes, that are delivered as close as possible to the patient’s home, whilst ensuring that patients who do require the services of our “in hospital” colleagues, are seen as quickly and effectively as possible.
With strong links and established partnerships within the entire NHS Family, Taurus Healthcare works closely with the Clinical Commissioning Groups and greater NHS to deliver a range of services for patients. Our working relationships and partnerships extend to Private Hospital Groups and Allied Health Professionals to ensure that our patients get the best and most appropriate care for their condition at a time that suits them.

Local Doctors…Local Solutions

Taurus Healthcare Ltd. is owned by the partners of all 24 GP practices in Herefordshire. As such it retains a unique local knowledge enabling it to serve the needs of the county’s 185,000 patients in an unparalleled fashion. By developing and coordinating primary care services and their integration with secondary care Taurus Healthcare aims to provide cost effective clinical pathways that ensure patients consistently receive the highest quality of care.

The Local Health Record Network

It is often assumed that medical professionals are able to access a patient 's records when care is being sought outside of his or her GP practice, for example during a visit to Accident & Emergency, but currently this is not the case. The onus is on the patient to remember all the relevant details pertinent to their condition. By making health records securely accessible to other medical professionals within the county we believe the quality of healthcare patients receive will be improved.


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